Ways of Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpets are a defining factor of your home’s interior. They protect the floor and add an aesthetic appeal to your household. However, carpets trap in dirt, dust, grit, dander, hair and odor among other pollutants. Carpets can also house fleas and ticks and mold and mildew.Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Hiring professional carpet cleaning services once or twice a year is a great way to keep them clean and fresh all year round.

We provide an extensive range of carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning staff is experienced and well-versed in the knowledge of the field.

Since it is imperative that you have to clean your carpet regularly and properly.

  1. Vacuum with industrial strength vacuum cleaners- More than cleaning the carpet after it has become dirty, keeping it clean is important. And, regular vacuuming does just that! Vacuuming is also the first step before applying any extensive cleaning method. Industrial strength vacuum cleaners are those that professionals use and investing in one of these will help you a great deal in keeping your couch, carpet and floors free of dust.
  • Take your time vacuuming the carpets, go over multiple times in overlapping crisscross patterns
  • Vacuum once or twice a week regularly. If the carpet receives heavy foot traffic on a regular basis and you live in a dusty neighbourhood, consider vacuuming in alternate days.
  • Use the nozzle attachment to vacuum the underside of the furniture, baseboards and nooks and crannies. Also, vacuum the furniture without disregarding the crevices.
  1. Deep cleaning with a carpet-cleaning machine- for carpets that are too dirty, stained and smelly, a carpet-cleaning machine with hot water and chemical cleaner does the work. Here’s how:
  • Rent a carpet-cleaning machine from your local carpet cleaning company, carpet stores, garden stores or shopping mart if you don’t have one at home.
  • Find out the kind of carpet you have before hiring a carpet-cleaning machine. This way you can get the right cleaning solution and stain removal treatment product that comes with the machine. Or, you can simply hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpet for you. If you have a huge wall-to-wall carpeted area, you’d need the help.
  • Vacuum the carpet- vacuuming helps suck up loose dust and dirt which might smear and create stains on carpet when deep cleaning the carpet.
  • Pre-treat the stains- carpet-cleaning rentals often come with a stain treatment solution you can apply to stains before you start deep cleaning. You can spray a vinegar solution and blot the stain in case you don’t have a stain remover.
  • Pour water and cleaning product to the machine- read the instruction manual of the machine and add the right amount of hot water and carpet cleaner.
  • Make sure the tanks are fitted properly on the machine before turning on the machine.
  • Plug in and clean: slowly run the machine over your carpet covering every inch. Clean in overlapping crisscrosses to make sure you don’t leave out any spot. Empty the dirty water from time to time.
  • Let your carpet dry- Let the carpet air dry or use fans to speed the process.


  1. Why is professional carpet cleaning the best way to clean your carpets?

No matter how much time, money and energy you invest in cleaning your carpets by yourself, it doesn’t match up to professional cleaning standards.Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Professional carpet cleaners are experienced, have more powerful equipment, know what they are dealing with and have the expertise required. So, if you want to get your carpets really cleaned, hiring a professional once or twice a year is the best idea.

Professional carpet cleaners are also handy during festival season when you have no time to get it all done by yourself, for urgencies and those deep cleaning home sessions.

However, when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company’s services make sure that you are hiring from a licensed company that thoroughly screens its employees.

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