Need A Professional Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is an essential part of moving out of a rented property. But, your landlord won’t give you your bond money back unless you have reinstated the property back to it was when you first moved in.

You know what that means? Well, you are up for the  most extensive deep cleaning you’ve ever done. Many landlords are looking hard to find faults that will allow them to cut some percentage from your bond money which is at least in thousands!

Since we have established that bond cleaning is tricky but important, the question of ‘how’ arises. There are two ways you can go about bond cleaning. You can either attempt to do it yourself or hire professionals.

The internet is flooded with hacks and advice for DIY bond cleaning, does that mean you don’t need professional bond cleaning services? Professional bond cleaning is risk free and time efficient as well.

Here’s why you need professional bond cleaning services

  1. To get your bond money back- let’s be real here, your motive is not to leave the apartment crystal clean because you are an amazing human being, you just want your bond money back.

Unless you have experience in bond cleaning, you might not be able to clean thoroughly enough to meet the requirements- we are talking cleaning every nook and corner of every room, carpeting, furniture, walls and anything else in the apartment spotless. Professional bond cleaners work in a team with experience and right equipment ensuring perfect bond cleaning and thus your deposit money back.

  1. Save time and energy- you have already too much to do- too many boxes to pack and move around. Also, the emotional toll of moving to a new place with bond cleaning on top of that will only exhaust you. It can take you days to deep clean the entirety of your apartment. Hiring professional bond cleaners will save you all that time and energy. Why focus on scrubbing old toilet and bathroom when you are moving to a new place?
  2. For the convenience of it- you can hire professional bond cleaners for urgencies or regular bond cleaning through a phone call or through internet. You don’t have to go around the block looking for a reliable professional bond cleaner. A thorough online research will help you find many trustworthy bond cleaning service providers.

 Can you do Bond cleaning by yourself? How practical is DIY bond cleaning?

While most landlords will make an agreement beforehand stating the tenants should have the place professionally cleaned, some will leave the options open. So, in such cases you can attempt bond cleaning by yourself.However,  remember the following:

  1. DIY bond cleaning is more practical if you regularly deep cleaned your apartment.
  2. If the carpet and furniture are also part of bond cleaning, you’d need to rent equipment from stores. So, hiring professionals can be actually cheaper considering the time investment.
  3. Agree on a certain level of cleanliness with your landlord beforehand. If there are no pictures of the place of before you moved in,it helps to know the expectations of your agent or landlord.
  4. Your landlord can ask the place to be cleaned by professionals but cannot hire the ones s/he wants. So, hire your own professional bond cleaner to save money.
  5. Manage time beforehand if you are planning to do the bond cleaning by yourself.
  6. Spend more time cleaning kitchen and bathroom as there’s more scope of dirt there. Ask help from friends and family to complete the task in less time.
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